Upload Customer Personas (party time!)

Why you should share:

  1. The first 100 users to upload a persona will receive lifetime unlimited access to Persona Bay Premium (which will contain thousands of buyer personas and a persona generator that taps into a proprietary database).
  2. Marketing is more fun together 🙂
  3. You’ve already put in the time and effort to create personas, and they’re probably just sitting on your desktop not doing anyone any good.
  4. Be part of the first customer persona repository ever – it’s something we’ve all wanted for a long time, and you can help build it!
  5. It’s good karma/pay it forward (when you come back to Persona Bay later, you’ll enjoy dozens of great personas and ideas to download for free)

Before you upload:

  • Please ensure that you own this intellectual property and have permission to share it.
  • We’ll review your submission and if it’s halfway decent selected, you’ll get an email notification.
  • Then your upload(s) will be featured in our Persona Gallery.
funky leather jacket pink office lady
After you share personas, you will have the inner satisfaction and confidence of someone who wears a neon studded leather jacket, hot pants, and mirrored aviators at work, but without the confusion of having your desk next to the kitchen! (See how we make fun of stock photos but ultimately flatter them by imitating their top sites’ content sharing model?)