Founder – Experienced | Conservative | Facing Innovation


Single Grain built this person to help their sales team better understand the potential client who is on the fence about new marketing services.

Emily:  Good summary for the sales team. I read this as keep the pitch low key. Avoid buzz words and sounding like a smarty pants. Treat this guy with some respect. He’s earned it.

Sandra: I think I know this guy! Not really, but the “Common Objections” and “Biggest Fears”are a good add to the standard persona template. The person who completed this persona is likely much younger than “Frank” and potentially could relate to him as a parent figure. Can you really relate to the persona you are trying to create?  If not,

“Frank Founder”
Age: 62
Salary: $256k
Education: College / CPA
  • Focused on career / business transition
  • Family oriented
Needs to:
  • Keep growing the business
  • Educate himself on the opportunities digital marketing represents
  • Consider the risks of not thinking ‘digital’