Founder – Experienced | Conservative | Facing Innovation


Single Grain built this person to help their sales team better understand the potential client who is on the fence about new marketing services.

Emily:  Good summary for the sales team. I read this as keep the pitch low key. Avoid buzz words and sounding like a smarty pants. Treat this guy with some respect. He’s earned it.

Sandra: I think I know this guy! Not really, but the “Common Objections” and “Biggest Fears”are a good add to the standard persona template. The person who completed this persona is likely much younger than “Frank” and potentially could relate to him as a parent figure. Can you really relate to the persona you are trying to create?  If not,

“Frank Founder”
Age: 62
Salary: $256k
Education: College / CPA
  • Focused on career / business transition
  • Family oriented
Needs to:
  • Keep growing the business
  • Educate himself on the opportunities digital marketing represents
  • Consider the risks of not thinking ‘digital’

Small Business Owner – Young | Urban


This persona is courtesy of social media scheduling tool, Buffer and is an example of one of the personas they target.


Sandra: I love that Buffer’s persona includes ‘Content suggestions’ as a way they can help. This is an example of thinking beyond your product functionality to help solve the customer’s ultimate need. It’s a lot easier to schedule posts if you have content ideas out the wazoo!

Emily: I like the specificity of ‘Urban,’ because it helps me visualize this person. She takes mass transit to work (or thinks about it), maybe chooses to live in a high rise and likes to meet friends for dinner after work. But ‘maximize social media resources’ is vague to me.  Maybe, ‘Constantly under the gun to produce results from Social Media’ Something that makes me feel empathy.


Rachel – Small Business Owner / Social Media Marketer

Age: 32 – 39
Salary: $90k
Education: Masters Degree
Married / no kids

Needs to:
Save time online
Find interesting content to share
Maximize social media resources