Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Persona Bay?

It’s like a stock photo site for customer/buyer personas. A free and open repository of personas created by and for marketers so we don’t have to build them from scratch every time we start working on a new product or brand.

Is it free to download personas?

Yes. And we are just getting started so please help us build the bay by uploading yours!

How do I download personas?

We will post the PDFs or images that our visitors upload on the Persona Gallery. You’ll be able to click and download to your heart’s content.

Why should I upload personas?

  • You can help build something that benefits all marketers, including you.
  • Create and grow a place where marketers have free access to ideas that help us do our jobs better. It’s more than a place to download PDFs, it’s crowdsourcing ideas.
  • You’ve already put in the time and effort to create personas, and they’re probably just sitting on your desktop not doing anyone any good. What a waste! By sharing them here, you can be part of the first customer persona repository ever, help your community, so when you come to download personas, you’ll know you’ve contributed.
  • Plus, it’s good karma/pay it forward since you’ll probably return to this site when you need ideas or help with personas.

How do I upload personas?

Yes we love you! Scroll to the bottom of our home page, or go directly to the form right now. You can upload PDF, png, jpg, gif, or jpeg. It’s one file at a time for now (will fix that soon!) but please upload as many as you like!

Where can I create personas – do you have a template?

We will have a template and more helpful info coming soon, but in the mean time, here’s an easy persona template from Google.

Personas often include:


  • Job titles and functions, professional challenges and goals
  • Firmographics – industry, location, customer size, status, structure, verticals
  • Demographics and Background – age, gender, marital or family status, income, education level
  • Personality – interests, hobbies, motivations, passions
  • Goals and Challenges – what are they looking to achieve, and what obstacles do they face?


Who are you and why did you make this?

We are Emily Binder and Sandra Chesnutt (in alphabetical order). We’ve been marketing buddies for years, keen on sharing tools to make our jobs easier.  We even ran a lunch group for women marketers where we shared hacks. Between us, we have decades of marketing experience . This is something we’ve always wished existed: an easy way to browse customer personas created by our peers. It didn’t exist, so we decided to build it. We hope it’s useful for you. Send us feedback anytime on how we can make this better.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona (AKA marketing persona or customer persona) is a research-based profile that depicts your target customer. Most businesses have multiple buyer personas. These personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face, traits they have, and how they make decisions.

You may have multiple buyer personas if the end user needs approval from others before purchasing your product. Each individual involved in that decision process is a unique persona. Since they each use different criteria for evaluating whether to buy your product or service, you’ll need different marketing strategies to address each.

The goal of buyer personas is to better understand your customers so you can attract, serve, and retain them. Marketing isn’t one size fits all.

Is a customer persona the same as a buyer persona or marketing persona?

Yes. These are basically interchangeable terms. Pick your poison. We use both on the site because marketers use both. And because, let’s be honest, it helps a bit with SEO. At least they’re established terms and not buzzwords like “snackable content” and they won’t execute you by viral exposure.

Let’s get a little meta to really drive the above joke and point of this site home: One of your customer personas may be the B2B SaaS marketer who wants out-of-the-box ideations with legs in order to iterate on decks about low hanging fruit to create brand advocates who’ll become influencers. <– Decision maker? Then let there be many flames on that SFDC record. Tweet it and tag it #personabay. Now we’re having fun.